K-9 Unit

The Atlantic County Sheriff’s Officer K-9 Unit is a valuable asset to Atlantic County and acts as a support unit to surrounding law enforcement agencies. The unit enhances our ability to track, locate and capture wanted offenders, track and locate missing persons to include adults and children in rural and urban environments, and detect illegal narcotics and explosive materials in our community, courthouses and schools.

K-9 Officers

Billie, Malinois

K-9 Handler Officer Lomonaco Max - German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois (Narcotics)

Billie, Malinois

K-9 Handler Sergeant Gilmore: Billie - Belgian Malinois (Patrol / Narcotics)

Luke (aka. Luke the Lifesaver), a Bloodhound

K-9 Handler Officer Kleinow: Luke - Bloodhound (Man Trailing / Criminal Tracking)

Ammo, Brown Lab

K-9 Handler Officer Kleinow: Loki – Dutch Malinois (Explosive Detection / Weapon Recovery)