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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is the number to the Atlantic County Jail?
A: (609) 645-5855

Q: During a Sheriff’s sale, who do I make the certified check out to?
A: It is suggested that you make the check out to yourself so if you are not the successful bidder, you can cash the check yourself. If you are the successful bidder, you can just sign the check over to the clerks.

Q: How long does it take when a warrant is issued, until an arrest is made?
A: Each team of detectives has hundreds of fugitive cases assigned to them, but every effort will be made to act on fresh tip information supplied by a credible source.

Service Fees

Q: Do I have a warrant for my arrest?
A: Telephone (609) 909-7200 and ask communications personnel to connect you to the fugitive unit.

Q: When will I/my boyfriend/girlfriend be transported to court/jail/etc?
A: This information cannot be furnished because of security regulations.

Q: When is the courthouse open to the public?
A: Regular Business is conducted on weekdays 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM except on holidays.

Q: Are cameras and recording devices permitted in the courthouse?
A: No.

Q: Can sheriff's officers write traffic tickets?
A: Yes.

Q: How can a person become a sheriff's officer?
A: Click here to go to our page on Careers

Q: Where is the Atlantic County Sheriff's Office located?
A: The administrative offices of the Sheriff are located at 4997 Unami Blvd., Mays Landing, NJ. You can view a map of the exact location of the Sheriff's office by clicking here.

Q: What are the office hours?
A: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Q: What is the difference between the Sheriff's Office and a police department?
A: The local police have primary jurisdiction and are first responders. The Sheriff's Office is responsible for courthouse security, serving criminal warrants and non-support warrants, civil process. In addition, the Sheriff's Office supports and augments local police with specialized services such as K-9 narcotic, Search & Rescue, suspect search, Emergency Response Team, to name a few.

Q: How was the Sheriff's position established?
A: N.J. State Constitution.

Q: How long is the Sheriff's term of office?
A: The Sheriff is elected to office for a term of three years.

Q: What are the qualifications to be Sheriff?
A: Individual must be a U.S. citizen and a 3-year resident of the county for which he/she seeks election. A petition which contains the signatures of 100 registered voters from the party to be represented must be filed with the County Clerk.

Q: Where do I mail my papers for civil process service?
A: All general correspondence and requests for service should be sent to the following mailing address:

Atlantic County Sheriff's Office
4997 Unami Blvd. Mays Landing, New Jersey 08330

Q: What happens if you cannot serve my papers?
A: A Sheriff's Officer will make five attempts to execute the document(s), unless otherwise instructed, at which time the item will be returned to the requestor with an affidavit of service explaining the service outcome. The fee for service is not refundable.

Q: Can I get a status on my service?
A: To inquire about the status of service, you may call (609) 909-7220 for a Summons & Complaint, (609) 909-7223 for General Writs, and (609) 909-7222 for Wage Garnishments.

Q: How can I find out if a particular person is in jail and what information can I obtain about someone in custody?
A: You may obtain whether or not someone is in custody, charges, bail, court date, arresting agency, when arrested, visiting hours, where he is currently housed, tentative release date, any holds placed by other agencies. You can also access this information at the following site:

Q: How do I request information under the Open Public Records Act?
Click here to go to our page on OPRA

Q: What are the fees for Services?
A: Click here for service fees.

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